Decorations Policy

A. Responsibility
South Park Cemetery is not responsible for any theft or damage to grave stones, monuments, urns, benches, flowers, or any other items; theft or damage may occur by accident, vandalism, weather or any other circumstances. Do not use valuable or sentimental items to decorate graves.

B. General Policy


1. The responsibility and authority for interpreting and enforcing all rules and regulations rests with the Board of Directors and the Management of the cemetery.

2. Items, whether stated specifically or not, which in the opinion of management, could pose a hazard or are a maintenance problem, or are contrary to cemetery standards will be removed by cemetery staff without notice.

3. There are items of historical or other significance currently on the grounds that enhance the cemetery. These items may remain even though they do not strictly follow current policies. The responsibility for interpreting these standards rests with the Board of Directors and Management of the cemetery.

4. Only those decorations specifically allowed by the cemetery can be placed on graves. To facilitate maintenance all decorations must be mounted on the stone, on the monument foundation, or on a shepherd hook.

5. The following items are specifically allowed cemetery decorations:


  • One eternal light per monument
  • Seasonal floral display
  • Permanent metal or concrete statuary, urns for the use of growing live flowers; all of these must have concrete foundations. Prior approval from cemetery management is required.
  • Temporary grave markers may be used until a permanent marker is installed within a reasonable period of time. Permanent markers require a poured concrete foundation.
  • Permanent stone memorial benches require a poured concrete foundation.
  • Emblems from the Veterans Administration or fraternal organizations.

6. The cemetery reserves the rights to remove, without notice, any existing bushes, trees, flowers, or any other items that have not been maintained.


C. Seasonal Decorating Periods

The cemetery provides for families to celebrate the holidays listed below by placing extra decorations on monuments. Please follow the holiday times listed below. Do not decorate early or fail to retrieve items. These dates remain the same every year.


  1. Valentine’s Day- Friday before until three (3) days after
  2. Saint Patrick’s Day- Friday before until three (3) days after
  3. Easter- Palm Sunday until three (3) days after
  4. Mother’s Day- Friday before until three (3) days after
  5. Memorial Day- Friday before until one (1) week after
  6. Father’s Day- Friday before until three (3) days after
  7. Independence Day- Friday before until three (3) days after
  8. Thanksgiving- Friday before until three (3) days after
  9. Christmas- Thanksgiving Day until January 15
  10. Other special occasions- Families with cultural backgrounds, which celebrate other holidays, or families wishing to celebrate a special day such as a birthday or anniversary may place decorations on the monument for these occasions- Friday before until three (3) days after.

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