Rules & Regulations

1. All lots are sold subject to the rules and regulations of the Board of Directors of South Park Cemetery Association as amended from time to time. The rules and regulations are calculated to secure and promote the general purposes of the cemetery.

2. Lots may only be used as places for the burial of the human remains.

3. Perpetual care is paid with purchase of the lot. Donations are welcome and the donor may designate if the donation is to be used for the maintenance or added to the perpetual care funds.

4. Lot owners may not allow interments to be in their lots for a profit.

5. No interments or placing of monuments, etc., are allowed until the purchaser has paid for the lot.

6. The written permission of the Cemetery, the lot owner, and the next of kin of the deceased is required for disinterment. To move disinter and reinter a family member a funeral director must file for a permit from the state and oversee the disinterment and reinternment.

7. Improvement of lots is subject to the approval of the Cemetery which may exclude or remove from a lot any headstone, monument, tree, plant, or other object, which may conflict with the regulations or which the Cemetery considers injurious to the general use or appearance of the grounds. No trees growing within a lot may be removed or trimmed without the consent of the Cemetery.

8. An above ground crypt or mausoleum may not be built unless the designs and the construction are approved by the Cemetery. A reasonable endowment fund will be required. The income will be available for future repairs.

9. The boundaries of lots are marked by cornerstones which are set by the Cemetery at the expense of the lot owner. Cornerstones may not project above the ground, and may not be altered or removed. Private fences or enclosures are not allowed.

10. Foundations for all monuments, headstones, etc., are built by the Cemetery at the expense of the lot owner. Ample notice must be given for the building of the foundations. The cost must be paid when the order for the foundation is given to the Cemetery. A four-inch extension (i.e., eight inches added to the overall size of monument) is required.

11. If the Cemetery sells a lot and it is later determined that a burial was made on the lot prior to the sale, the buyer may choose another lot.

12. The grading of all lots and digging of graves must be done by workmen engaged by the Cemetery. If work is necessary on any lot, such as foundation repairs, refilling and sodding of sunken graves, etc., it shall be the duty of the Cemetery to have this work done, and the cost shall be assessed against the lot.

13. All workmen employed in the construction of the erection of monuments, landmarks, or any other works are subject to the control and direction of the Cemetery. Workmen are required to file proof of liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. Any workman who fails to conform to these regulations will not be permitted to work on the grounds. No vehicles will be permitted off drives (stone or blacktop) unless plywood running boards are laid. All vehicles shall keep on the plywood. Exceptions to this rule: necessary for burials, repair work, or ground maintenance.

14. A person who damages lots, memorials, or the Cemetery is responsible for paying for the damages. If a workman fails to pay the damage, the workman shall be barred from working in the Cemetery.

15. If a lot owner gives a quit claim deed or written permission for another person to be buried on the lot, the document must be recorded at the Cemetery office. The Cemetery assumes no responsibility for the transaction. The Cemetery does not repurchase lots or grave spaces.

16. There will be no burials on Sunday, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day (observed) Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas day.

17. The Cemetery assumes no responsibility for theft, vandalism or storm damage to a lot or to property on a lot.

18. A vault is required for casket burials and for the burial of cremains.

19. Only two (2) cremains vaults are allowed per adult grave space or one (1) full burial and one (1) cremain per lot.

20. A lot owner must contact and have a licensed funeral director witness the interment of cremains.

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